Broke the Grape’s Joy in print

April 14, 2012

The print version of my latest book Broke the Grape’s Joy will be launched on Amazon on the 1st of June.

The paperback is available NOW from the publishers, Feed A Read, at the special discount price of £6.99 + p+p here.

“This is a book I wanted to finish and yet was enjoying the journey so much that I forced myself to ration the chapters to make it last longer. I just hope this is the first of many such books from this very talented writer with a mastery of bitter-sweet tales.”

– Peter F May, Wine Editor, Bella Online


Off to the printers…

January 19, 2012

My latest book Broke the Grape’s Joy is going to be in print by next month.  See what terribly nice things people are saying about the eBook version on Amazon.

Published! My latest book – Broke the Grape’s Joy

November 20, 2011

Sun, Saint-Emilion and Sex (well, a bit…) My latest book, Broke the Grape’s Joy, is now on Amazon and Smashwords. Travelling around le hexagon a couple of years ago gave me plenty of time to think about story lines. The vineyards and the people who manage them were my inspiration. My story is, I suppose, in the A Year In The Sun vein, but there are no leaking sceptic tanks or mysterious chicken thieves in my book. But you will find murder, deceit, bipolar disorder, synaesthesia and Aspergers syndrome… plus the world’s most fabulous wine and an orange 2CV and a Jack Russell, to boot. All that in 80-odd thousand words and all for less than 2 quid!

Get the e-reader format here

Get the Kindle version here

Hope you like the story… Let me know what you think!

French Vineyards est arrivé!

September 30, 2009

At last, after two years of research, the book – French Vineyards – has finally arrived: the first guide in English to B&Bs, châteaux and gîtes on wine-producing estates.  All the best properties featured on this Blog since last year are in the book which is on general release from tomorrow, the 1st of OctoberIMG_3518


















My thanks go to the following winemakers and wine lovers who, together, made French Vineyards possible: Catherine Ouzoulias; Veronique et Tony Ballu; Catherine and Olivier de Cenival; Pierre-Antoine Giovannoni; Marie-Claire and Jean Baudry; Maryvonne and Marius Rault; Marie-Claire Dumange; Anne et Aimé Josseau; Jean-Pierre and Silvie Chamoux; Geneviève Guillerault; Laurence and Géraud de La Farge; Chantal and Guy Cinquin; Geneviève Desertaux; Hélène and Arnaud Derats; Estelle et Thierry Violot-Guillemard; Christine Jacob; Tierry Nouvel and Philippe Greffet; Delphine and Markus Schaefer; Tess and Emmanuel Guillot; Anne Gros and Jean Paul Tollot; Régine et Benjamin Borgnat; Francine and Bruno Pellegrini; Jorje et Ania Maslakiewicz; Peter Wildbolz and Christa Derungs; Marie-Helene Boyer; Régine and Christian Godefroid; Anne and Jonathan James; Philippe and Valérie Bassereau; Pascal and Marielle Méli; Pierre-Edouard and Alix de Boigne; Arjen Pen; Alain and Sophie Lancereau; Gilles and Yolande Réaud; Béatrice et Vincent Rapin; Liliane and Jean-Jacques Mélinand; Janet and Henri Bungener; Mathieu Gambini; Jean Spizzo; Sophie Cossettini; Guillaume and Armelle de Jerphanion; Michael Latz; Chantal and Jacques Gojowka-Pégaz; Dominique Capart; Marc Goguet; Nathalie Fauvin; Chantal Comte; Sophie and Denis Morin; Thomas Montagne; Allan and Alex Wilson; Edith Chaudière; Estelle and Remi Cook; Pascale and Stéphane Hémard; Nathalie Carli; Jean-Claude Belanger; Marc Verpaalen; Guy Bailly; Bernard Lartigue; Isabelle Poco; Jacquie Franc de Ferriere; Jean-Marc and Chrystelle Lirand; Serge Dubard; Helen Kelly and Nick Kinder; Emma Kershaw; Matthew Stubbs MW; Tim Ford; Paul and Penelope Dudson; Juliana and Paul Uhart; Sean and Caroline Feely; Bernard Rivals; Yvette and Aurélian Halbeisen; Irène Horcher; Imogen Whitaker; Laurence Ployez; Isabelle and Vincent Sipp; Frédéric Batisse; Gerard et David Chauveau; Micaela Frow and Sue Hunt; Edouard and Olivier de Bournet; Karen and Nicolas Kitchener; Chris and Derek Hilyer; Dave Garrick; John Hooper; Ian Humphreys; Roy Shipley; Gary Tovey; Tom Cannavan; and to Alastair Sawday and his wonderful team, especially my editor Jacky King. Finally, my thanks go to Nicky without whose cakes and constant support I could not have survived.