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Interested in a wine tour? Want to recommend a winery? A restaurant? A stony slope on the Gironde?  Just drop me a line or start a thread (below).


4 Responses to Contact Patrick

  1. Kierean Reid says:

    hello, myself and a friend are interested in finding a grape picking job during the summer. Wondering if you have any contacts that may be helpful through your line of work.

    best wishes

  2. hilyer68 says:

    Kierean, Don’t forget that the grape harvest, even in the South of France, doesn’t really start until September. Skilled summer jobs like turning the soil and ‘green’ harvesting are done by the experts. If you don’t speak any French then I’d suggest contacting British or English speaking winemakers, though – you never know! There might be people looking for English speaking workers to help with the tourist side of the business.

    However, if you’re able to work through September and into October then you should be able to find some grape picking work. Some winemakers rely totally on reliable, trusted pickers who come to them every year; others are a lot more relaxed about it. I’d start by deciding on which area you’d like to go to (Bordeaux, Burgundy, Languedoc, etc.) then google as much information you can about who’s looking for pickers.

    Lastly, you could post your question as a forum thread on – between them, the members of this forum have tonnes of experience and are always very helpful. You have to register but they never send any spam.

    Good luck.

  3. Daniel Carr says:

    Hey Patrick,

    My name is Daniel Carr and I am a soon-to-be graduating American college student/athlete/farm worker. I am wondering if you know of any European vineyards willing to trade my labor for food and housing.

    Any information would be much appreciated.

    Thank you.


    • hilyer68 says:

      Hi Daniel

      I’d start now, before the grape harvest. Check out the properties on my Blog owned by English-speaking winemakers, get their website address from google and you’ll find their contact emails. Also, search for wineries on the web who are promoting wine tourism – as an English speaker your language skills could be an asset. I’d send a brief email saying what you want to do to about a dozen or so properties and they may well be able to give some leads, even if they’re not looking for a worker. In France, this form of working is known as a ‘stage’ and lots of people going through college or recently graduated do this to get experience. Good luck!

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