Loire Vineyard Tours

My adopted home of Normandy is a beautiful region – lush pastures feed France’s finest cattle and fastest race horses; hundreds of miles of coastline provide us with some of the best fish and seafood in the world; the green ‘bocage’ countryside is a bucolic dream.  But…but…we have (almost) no vines.  Apart from one excellent award-winning winery- Les Arpents du Soleil – Normandy is devoid of vineyards.

Wine-loving visitors to Normandy can now experience a one-day tour of our nearest vineyards – a couple of hours south in the Loire Valley.  Loire Vineyard Tours is an exciting introduction to the Loire’s famous winemakers, its vineyards and majestic châteaux.

I’ll be lauching this new venture in the autumn of 2010 – for more information click here…


2 Responses to Loire Vineyard Tours

  1. Tracy says:

    Good afternoon,

    I have two friends who are very interested in a 1 day wine tour. They will be in Belgium and would drive to Normandy. Please let me know if it is available in November and what dates.

    Thank you,

    Tracy Rittmueller

    • hilyer68 says:

      Hello Tracy

      Many thanks for contacting me. I’d be delighted to take your friends on a wine tour, but could I suggest that they consider the Champagne region – it’s very near to the Belgian border and a wonderful region to visit. I can recommend two fabulous Champagne houses where you can dine and stay the night – Domaine Pierson Whitaker and Domaine Ployez Jacquemart. Both properties feature in my book French Vineyards and both have English-speaking hosts. I’m sure that they would fix a couple of winery visits for you at other properties in the area. But if your friends would like me to accompany them and provide a personal tour then this could be arranged on a daily fee basis.

      You can order a copy of my book in the USA by clicking on the ‘Buy the Book’ button.

      All the best!

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