Chateau du Tertre in London

French Vineyard B&Bs don’t get much grander than Chateau du Tertre: classed growth wines, sumptuous lofty rooms, a 70 metre pool… Fans of the Chateau (there are many!) didn’t have to go all the way to Margaux this weekend to taste its crus classés reds. They came in legions to London, to Decanter Magazine’s Fine Wine Encounter.  Nearly seventy of Bordeaux’s top wine producers were there at the Landmark Hotel.  Awash with wine,  the two grand ballrooms were crammed with over seven-hundred Bordeaux-loving souls, all there to worship at the altar of Bacchus!

Alexander Van Beek  – General Manager of Chateau du Tertre and Chateau Giscours

Wine writers Oz Clarke and Michael Schuster came along to sign copies of their latest books, as did Alastair Sawday and yours truly – delighted to meet so many Francophiles with a yen to travel to the French wine lands.

Oz Clarke and Patrick Hilyer


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