French Vineyards est arrivé!

September 30, 2009

At last, after two years of research, the book – French Vineyards – has finally arrived: the first guide in English to B&Bs, châteaux and gîtes on wine-producing estates.  All the best properties featured on this Blog since last year are in the book which is on general release from tomorrow, the 1st of OctoberIMG_3518


















My thanks go to the following winemakers and wine lovers who, together, made French Vineyards possible: Catherine Ouzoulias; Veronique et Tony Ballu; Catherine and Olivier de Cenival; Pierre-Antoine Giovannoni; Marie-Claire and Jean Baudry; Maryvonne and Marius Rault; Marie-Claire Dumange; Anne et Aimé Josseau; Jean-Pierre and Silvie Chamoux; Geneviève Guillerault; Laurence and Géraud de La Farge; Chantal and Guy Cinquin; Geneviève Desertaux; Hélène and Arnaud Derats; Estelle et Thierry Violot-Guillemard; Christine Jacob; Tierry Nouvel and Philippe Greffet; Delphine and Markus Schaefer; Tess and Emmanuel Guillot; Anne Gros and Jean Paul Tollot; Régine et Benjamin Borgnat; Francine and Bruno Pellegrini; Jorje et Ania Maslakiewicz; Peter Wildbolz and Christa Derungs; Marie-Helene Boyer; Régine and Christian Godefroid; Anne and Jonathan James; Philippe and Valérie Bassereau; Pascal and Marielle Méli; Pierre-Edouard and Alix de Boigne; Arjen Pen; Alain and Sophie Lancereau; Gilles and Yolande Réaud; Béatrice et Vincent Rapin; Liliane and Jean-Jacques Mélinand; Janet and Henri Bungener; Mathieu Gambini; Jean Spizzo; Sophie Cossettini; Guillaume and Armelle de Jerphanion; Michael Latz; Chantal and Jacques Gojowka-Pégaz; Dominique Capart; Marc Goguet; Nathalie Fauvin; Chantal Comte; Sophie and Denis Morin; Thomas Montagne; Allan and Alex Wilson; Edith Chaudière; Estelle and Remi Cook; Pascale and Stéphane Hémard; Nathalie Carli; Jean-Claude Belanger; Marc Verpaalen; Guy Bailly; Bernard Lartigue; Isabelle Poco; Jacquie Franc de Ferriere; Jean-Marc and Chrystelle Lirand; Serge Dubard; Helen Kelly and Nick Kinder; Emma Kershaw; Matthew Stubbs MW; Tim Ford; Paul and Penelope Dudson; Juliana and Paul Uhart; Sean and Caroline Feely; Bernard Rivals; Yvette and Aurélian Halbeisen; Irène Horcher; Imogen Whitaker; Laurence Ployez; Isabelle and Vincent Sipp; Frédéric Batisse; Gerard et David Chauveau; Micaela Frow and Sue Hunt; Edouard and Olivier de Bournet; Karen and Nicolas Kitchener; Chris and Derek Hilyer; Dave Garrick; John Hooper; Ian Humphreys; Roy Shipley; Gary Tovey; Tom Cannavan; and to Alastair Sawday and his wonderful team, especially my editor Jacky King. Finally, my thanks go to Nicky without whose cakes and constant support I could not have survived.

Summer at La Clape

September 28, 2009

Late summer grapes ripening at Chateau Rouquette-sur-Mer, near Narbonne.