Bellevue on the broad Gironde


Several centuries after the Romans planted the first vines here this hill was occupied during the Arab incursions and the vineyards still bear the name Gazin, a corruption of ‘Saracen’. Anne-Sophie and Alain Lancereau came here in 2003, transformed the wine of Bellevue Gazin, and created a charming chambres d’hôtes in the turn-of-the-century house where they entertain wine-lovers, artists and gastronomes.

Fifteen hectares of Premières-Cotes-de-Blaye vineyards cover the west-facing côte that slopes down towards the village of Plassac. Yields are low and chemical treatments are kept to an absolute minimum. The wines are modern and clean with a delicious fruit, silky tannin, and a subtle, aromatic oak.

img_7037A short drive away are the towns of Bourg and Blaye; each a fortified seaport, the latter’s impressive 17th-century citadel built by the Marquis de Vauban was recently named a UNESCO world heritage site. Also at Blaye is the ferry known as le bac which takes cars and passengers across the broad Gironde to the Médoc and the high-duned beaches of the Atlantic coast.


Chateau Bellevue-Gazin, Plassac.



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