100% Terroir

Tess and Manu Guillot-Broux have developed their winery’s reputation as one of ‘best kept secrets’ of Burgundy wine. Visitors to their pretty two-bedroom gite just across the road from the winery will be charmed by its rustic simplicity. Exposed timbers, pine floors and lime-pointed stone walls give a glimpse of authentic rural living.
Manu learned his wine-craft from his father who had worked in both the Beaujolais region and the Côte de Beaune. This apprenticeship taught him how to get the best from the gamay and chardonnay grapes planted on these hilly slopes. Guillot-Broux wines are truly organic – that’s to say that the vines have been certified as ‘agriculture biologique’ since 1991 (although the vines had already been cultivated organically since the 1950s) and in the winery the addition of sulphur, artificial yeasts and sugar is restricted to an absolute minimum. The secret of Manu’s success he asserts is the ideal geology found here in abundance on the higher slopes. The white wines are impressive: every bit as rich, buttery and toasty as the classic white burgundies of Cote d’Or. The reds too are a real surprise: dark, concentrated and lightly oaked, quite different from the light, fruity wines usually associated with the gamay grape. “Wine is made in the vineyard,” he asserts. “The grape variety is less important than the soil. I’m going to produce a new wine called ‘100% Terroir’ and let people try to guess what’s in it!” he says, almost convincingly.
Domaine Guillot-Broux, Cruzille, Macon.






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