The Moon is Full


Bourges is a great little city and Xavier (ex-comedian/entertainer) has just opened this new bistrot/bar-a-vins on rue Porte Jaune.  Two women are in the kitchen working like galley-slaves; Le Patron when he’s not out front kissing the clientele is slicing charcuterie and serving the best regional wines. It’s great to see everyone with a glass of real wine in his or her hand. These young, attractive Bourgeois certainly know their Quincy from their Menetou-Salon – it’s inspiring. There are pickles in jars on the tables, piles of different cheeses on the zinc counter and saucissons secs dangling from doorframes. One chap, leaning against a huge saucisson, turned around to reveal a floury imprint right across the back of his suede coat. No one seemed to mind, least of all him. The food?  Charcuterie, home-made rillettes, terrines, salads – great bistro food – and wonderful home-made desserts.  Everyone kisses each other and they’re all so happy; it’s like some kind of 1960s love-in. I speak French but I don’t really understand these people – what makes them so joyful? The 35-hour week perhaps. Love the laid-back, friendly atmosphere – you keep hearing ‘yes’ and ‘cool’ and always the ‘tu’. I was on first-name tutoyant terms with half a dozen people by the time I left. This is the sort of place where the patron says, “you site THERE!” and “you eat THAT!” and nobody finds it rude. Getting out of the door wasn’t easy as by 10.30 the place was packed. Getting out of Bourges through it’s labyrinth of Kafkaesque cobbled streets was no easier. Still, as the Terminator always says, “I’ll be back.”

Bistrot La Pleine Lune, 12 Rue Porte Jaune 18000 Bourges


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